All India Top Boarding School Ranking 2010

      All India Boarding School Ranking 2010

INDIA’S TRADITIONAL OR LEGACY BOARDING SCHOOLS ARE MUCH loved by the country’s westernised and aspirational middle class. Modeled on mid-rung British public schools, they have made a great contribution towards developing leaders of industry, civil and defence services. Offering spartan games and sports-intensive liberal education usually in the salubrious climes of hill stations, they have substantially contributed to the growth and development of post-independence India’s middle class which has established  even if not entirely successfully norms of democratic governance and standards in public life which have ensured that against all expectations, India has survived as a functioning, even if chaotic, democracy. Although some of their glamour has been stolen by the new genre of international schools mushrooming countrywide, because of their relatively affordable fees, legacy boarding schools remain the first choice of parents looking  to provide their progeny disciplined, no-frills, sports-intensive primary-secondary education.

In the old days, the country’s best boarding schools such as Doon, Lawrence, Sanawar and Lovedale, Mayo, Daly College and Bishop Cotton enjoyed pan-India and even transnational reputations attracting students from across the country and the Indian diaspora. But of late changes in parenting norms and liberalisation of boarding school rules have prompted parents who value residential school education for their wards to enrol them in legacy boarding schools nearer home to facilitate greater interaction and visits with their children. Therefore regional rankings of boarding schools closer to home have assumed greater importance in recent years.

Northern Region
AS IN OTHER REGIONS, THE TOP 10 TABLE OF NORTH INDIA’S HIGHLY reputed boarding schools has witnessed a rearrangement of the seating order this year. Somewhat inevitably at the head of the table is the seemingly impregnable Doon School, Dehradun which with high ratings under the parameters of academic reputation, co-curricular education and faculty competence among others has aggregated a total score of 1,121 establishing a clear lead over Welham Girls, Dehradun rated second in the northern region in 2010. Other household names in the northern region which have advanced in public esteem are Bishop Cotton, Shimla (No. 5 to 3); Sherwood College, Nainital (9 to 3) who share the regional third rank with the consistently highly-rated Lawrence School, Sanawar. Another new entrant into the Top 5 list is Daly College, Indore, top-ranked countrywide under the parameter of sports education.

Other schools which improved their regional ranking this year are Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun (7 to 5); Army Public, Dagshai (10 to 6); St. George’s College, Mussoorie (11 to 8); Mussoorie International now being managed by ICT-in-education major Educomp Solutions Ltd (15 to 9) and Vidya Devi Jindal Girls, Hisar (unranked to 10). Further down the 16-strong Northern Region list of most-respected boarding schools, DPS Pinjore has moved into the regional league table (unranked to 13), Shigally International Academy, Dehradun (18 to 14); Pinegrove School, Dharampur (unranked to 15), and the Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior (19 to 16).

 All India Boarding School Ranking 2010

Western region
QUITE OBVIOUSLY THE PRACTICE OF SENDING CHILDREN TO boarding school is not as prevalent in western India as it is in the north. Only eight boarding schools in the Western Region are sufficiently well-known to be ranked by the 2,026 sample respondents countrywide — including 295 from the Western Region — who constituted the base for the EW-C fore India’s Most Respected Schools Survey 2010. Please note that institutions rated and ranked by less than 25 respondents were not included in the league tables. Of these select establishments, Mayo College Girls, Ajmer (ranked second all-India) with an aggregate score of 1,116 boosted by highest ratings on the parameters of leadership and faculty competence has far outdistanced Mayo (Boys) College (1,055). Further down the short-list, New Era, Panchgani (No.3), Orchid School, Nashik (4), Maharani Gayatri Devi, Jaipur (5) and RiverDale, Pune (6) have maintained their regional ranks.

All India Top Boarding School Ranking 2010

Southern region
THE LIST OF BOARDING SCHOOLS SUFFICIENTLY WELL-KNOWN to be included in the EW-C fore Southern Region league table is also short. At the head of the table is the Rishi Valley School, Chittoor which has been rated and ranked the country’s premier boarding school jointly with the Doon School, Dehradun. In the nine-school table in which Lawrence, Lovedale has reclaimed its second position, institutions which improved their ranking are B.G.S. International, Bangalore (No. 4 to 3); St. John’s International, Chennai (5 to 3) and Bangalore Military School (7 to 4). The institution which has suffered a steep fall in public esteem this year is the reclusive Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore (2 to 8).

All India Boarding School Ranking 2010

Eastern region
THIS YEAR’S EASTERN REGION BOARDING SCHOOL LEAGUE TABLE 2010 has undergone a dramatic change. The very pucca and much venerated St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling (estb. 1823) which hitherto topped the regional league table with effortless ease has been toppled by the relatively new vintage Assam Valley School (AVS, estb. 1995). Ranked first in the east on the parameters of academic reputation, co-curricular education and integrity/honesty and ranked second on faculty competence and leadership, AVS has chalked up the highest aggregate score of all legacy boarding schools in the Eastern Region.

Within the region’s Top Five, St. Joseph’s, North Point which was surprisingly outranked by the Himali Boarding School (HBS), has traded places with HBS to be ranked third this year. Moreover this year’s Eastern Region league table is larger with several hitherto unranked schools having qualified for inclusion. The larger league table indicates that primary-secondaries in the region are becoming aware of the need to improve their institutional profiles, accountability and communication with the public.

All India Top Boarding School Ranking 2010

Source :  EducationWorld Survey, September 2010

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  1. 1

    good to see new ratings and rankings.
    i’m happy with my school rank & good to know real positions of all school of india
    thanks to this site….

  2. 2

    aspired for my son’s 6th std admission in rishivalley public school, chittore but was late in trying. the last date for application submission was 15th dec’10 while i checked it in jan’11. bad luck

  3. 3

    I don’t agree with the All India Top Boarding School Ranking 2010.Accoding to me St.George’s College,Mussoorie should rank in the Top 3 and not 8th.

    I fail to understand on what basis the rating has been done.

    Sorry I dnt agree with this .

  4. 4
  5. 5

    i totally agree wid u nitin………
    SGC deserves much better ranking than this.
    i think it is one of the finest schools in the north side..

  6. 6

    I am happy that Lawrence Lovedale, Ooty is doing well. My elder two children, a boy and a girl studied there. The school produces mature, confident, boys and girls ready to face hardships and challenges to face life as it comes. My sincere compliments to the Head Master and the staff for their commitment and dedication.

    Our Best Wishes always.

  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10

    I think the Scindia School deserves the 5th rank ’cause it is very good. But till some extent the ratings are very good and ane has to agree to it

  11. 11

    bishop cotton school rank should be last it is the worst school i ever studied i will never step in that school

  12. 12

    I have a doubt in the present given ranking system as being the local man from Darjeeling and working for 13 years in Assam, I am well acquainted with ST Paul’s School as well as Assam Valley School but my vote goes to ST. Joseph School,North Point as Nos 01 Ranked school in the north east region because at present under the able guidance of Rector Fr. Kinley Tshering, North Point school has superseded the other said school not only in academic but also in other extracurricular activities.

  13. 13

    Great to see that my School – Dr. Graham’s Homes (DGH), Kalimpong ranks in the top five schools in the North East. Congratulations must go to the new Chairman and his Board of Management and to the CEO Mr Philip Gibson for their hard work in turning things around in such a short period. I’m sure that in the not to distant future, with all the new changes, DGH will climb up the table to be as good as Assam Valley School.

  14. 14

    Its good to see Sherwood College Nainital doing farely well inspite of its great emphasise on co-curriculars and sports. It speaks volumes about the stewardship provided by the present headmaster,Mr Sandhu.Keep the Sherwood flag flying high.

  15. 15

    I have read present given ranking actually I do not about this more so I will not give my any comment on this. I know about ST Paul’s School and I am very familiar with this because My cousin bro have passed out from this school and settled in a MNC on high post that why I would like to give my completely vote to ST Paul’s School.

  16. 16

    its not east zone , how goethel ranked 5th.schools must have some parameters for ranking.Goethel shd be at lowest.

  17. 17

    Hi everyone,this is martand & Im really happy that Rashtriya Indian Military College has gone up to 5th position & hope the fraternity will take this as a benchmark & soon will carry the torch of being Indias best boarding school……my best wishes to the fraternity….may the legacy continue……….GODSPEED

  18. 18

    AVS deserves to be placed at no 2 position. I am sure within 2 to 3 years this school will be placed at no 2 after Doon. Those who do not agree with this comment, pl visit this school’s main gate to each and every student of this institute.

  19. 19

    I fail to understand how Himali Boarding has figured in the top 10 Eastern region list.
    Himali Boarding doesnt have proper infrastructure facilities also. It is is just a mere private school by the help of advertising has reached in this ranking. It produces good results but how they produce such good results when its students cannot communicate properly in English only the Principal knows the secret. These students get admissions in the top colleges of India by virtue of their good marks in plus two (provided the colleges do not have written test or interview in the admission process) but they have to quit before they graduate from the college since they cannot cope up with the curriculum of the top colleges of India since the marks obtained by them in ISC are not worth their level.
    I do not agree with this ranking.
    Music, plays, concerts etc. have not figured in the questionnaire.
    Dr. Graham’s Homes and Tashi Namgyal Academy also do not deserve these ranks.

  20. 20

    According to me WELHAM BOYS SCHOOL should be ranked 1st as it is the best boarding school ever to be founded in India.

  21. 21
  22. 22

    St. Joseph’s School, North Point, Darjeeling takes the crown when it comes to educating more Royalty than any other schools in India. For the record, Royalty in terms of independent nations, North Point alumni include King Birendra Shah and King Gyanendra Shah of Nepal. King Jigme Singye Wangchuk of Bhutan, and Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal of Sikkim.

  23. 23
  24. 24
  25. 25

    Good to see Sherwood on the list where it is, however, i would rate it higher if the assessment is based on the quality of its products(students).

  26. 26
  27. 27

    i think ST GEORGES COLLEGE be in the top 5 boarding school of india……..
    i think the judges might have taken bribe in keeping the non deserving schools in top 5

  28. 28

    im happy to see RIMC is doing well withand is in a fairly well position mind you f one has to even get an admission in the school he has to be the topper ofthe state …….well done an god speed

  29. 29

    SGC sucks,the only thing they boast about is their past,which was even worst,i strongly think that schools like Wynberg Allen and Oak Grove School should be ranked among the top 10.

  30. 30
  31. 31

    What about All Saints College Nainital????? Its the best based on the students and their talent. The products are all rounder confidet girls ready to explore and rule the world. I think the list should be re checked sincerely.

  32. 32

    Pls suggest me which is the best boarding school for my son…he is very notorious but sensitive and emotional……he is 8 years and i live in kolkata…..

  33. 33
  34. 34

    RIMC cannot be compared with public boarding schools as it is funded by the government and the staff are government employees and from the armed forces. RIMC should be compared be with the sainik schools as they all are funded by the government and the staff are government employees and from the armed forces

  35. 35

    My school is not in these rankings but I agree that Hi-q international academy will be in this one day due to its marvelous teachers.

  36. 36

    Hello, In today’s modern environment,parents get so busy that even they can’t care their child.So,the co-educational boarding schools are the best to care and make their childrens to aware about the outside world.The co-educational boarding schools in Dehradun also provides state-of-art facility alongwith high quality of education.

  37. 37

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