CBSE 10th Board Exam Optional “Students Welcome, Teachers Disliked”


                                Kapil Sibal CBSE Exam Optional

The government finally announced on Monday 8th sept 2009 that the CBSE 10th Board Exams would be optional from the session 2010-11 and grading system would apply from the session 2009-10. The Grading system would be as follows:

A-1  : 91-100 Exceptional
A-2  : 81-90 Excellent
B-1  : 71-80 Very Good
B-2  : 61-70 Good
C-1  : 51-60 Fair
C-2  : 41-50 Average
D     : 33-40 Below Average
E-1  : 21-32 Need Improvement
E-2  : 00-20 Unsatisfactory   

As part of efforts to reduce ‘trauma’ of students and parents and make the admission process smooth, government favours a single school board at the all-India level and make 10th board examination optional.

Unveiling his 100-day plan, HRD minister Kapil Sibal [ Images ] on Thursday said a single board would replace various boards in the country and would hold a uniform examination for all students on the pattern of combined law admission test being organised for admission to law institutions.

“By a single board, a student can decide which university he wants to go. It is happening in the law (courses). The aim is to reduce the trauma,” he told reporters. Noting that students and their parents are spending sleepless night at the time of board examination, Sibal said the government wants to make 10th exam optional for students wishing to continue in the same school.

“If a student wants to go for pre-university course, he may appear for 10th board exam. But in case of a student pursuing the course in the same school, he need not appear in the class-10 exam for promotion to class-11,” he said, adding that an internal assessment would suffice. The government also plans to set up autonomous overarching authority for higher education and research based on the recommendations of Yashpal committee and the National Knowledge Commission.

 The government will introduce a system to replace the present assessment procedure of giving marks to awarding grades which will reduce stress, he said. The Central Board of Secondary Education will be the first board to introduce the grading system in the country. A proposal is pending in this regard. The government will explore the possibility of setting up an independent accreditation body for schools to ensure quality. At present, the schools are not accredited to any agency, Sibal said.

The decision of the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) to make Std X exam optional has evoked mixed reaction from teachers and  students in the city.

Keshav Nagar high school principal Shrikant Pachpore slammed the move stating that it would kill competitive spirit among the students. “This bizarre step will only reduce the tendency of students to excel. The logical reasoning power starts developing among students from class tenth board exams. With this decision, the importance of this exam will end and quality of education will degrade further. Students allround development would not take place and schools will also lose their importance,” he says.

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ambazari, principal CD Grace blasted the decision saying that students and parents will have a casual and relaxed approach and this will further dilute the quality of education. “The grade system is still in place along with marks. However, the competitive spirit will not develop among the students and it would be hard to differentiate between brilliant and poor students. I think, the students of Class Xth are mature enough nowadays to appear for the board exam and decide on their future and there’s no need to scrap the exam,” she said.

Vedvati Albal, who was the second all-India topper in Std Xth exam conducted by the CBSE, however hailed the move stating that it will help in reducing the stress and discrimination among students.

“Of course competitive spirit will be not be there anymore as there will be no merit list, but it would lead to a healthy competition. The craze to top the exam will be diminished, but there is chance to score in later stages,” she states.

Chandrika Chakraborty, a state board student feels that making it completely optional would really help. “I don’t think that it should be optional. In fact the minister should think about the future of students. Either he should abolish the 10th board exam in the country or keep it compulsory. It must not be optional,” she said.

Welcoming the move, Nishikant Padalkar, whose daughter is a CBSE student, appreciated the minister’s decision. “In fact, it gives kids to think beyond the books and concentrate more on their practical knowledge. Schools should be aplace to create responsible citizens with expertise in practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.”

Kana Roy Chaudhari, the principal of Centre Point (Katol Road), says that it will all depend on a lot of parameters that will be laid out. “I believe that the rule will allow the schools themselves to choose, but only for the current year, if they want to. If that is the case, then we may opt for the mandatory examinations for the students.

However, what our exact course of action will be difficult to state at the moment. We will also be counting on feedback from the parents to make our decision. Then, all the schools will consult their own management before deciding on which format to go with,” she explained.

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  2. 2

    May be grading system can prevent dissatisfaction among the students about their marks.Now we are eager to know whether our marks are more than our friends.But with this grading system this eagerness willdecrease.Also,will a student who gets high mark get the desired appreciation?

  3. 3

    hello. i am studying in class 10th now bt i do not appreciate the views of urs becauz even we were eagerly waiting for the cancellation of boards but u’ll hv decided to do it frm next year which will be unjustice for the students of this year well if can do change in the system plz do it ………plz……………….
    but if can’t help it then change the grading system becauz actually the person who is scoring 100 percent will be compared with 91%student ………….when the particular student acheiving 100% will go for admission in a college who will no that he has secured 100%.i think even he may not me knowing …………………………i think this system is very unfair ……………so plz even think of the average students and very gud students 70% student will be compared with 80% student really unfair…………………..

  4. 4

    It is not good that 10th board are being optional from 2011 as students will not study & it will also lead to a experience problem……

  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8

    the main objective of this new system was to reduce the stress…but instead it has increased…there will be continuous evluation…so has the stress decreased???

  9. 9

    hello i’m a student of class 9th…from the students point of view i think now there is now no competition among the students……to secure more marks….because there has been grading system ….i e one who scores 99% has the same grade that of one who scores 91%…

  10. 10

    i am a student of the ssc board and i’m a 9th grader.basically cbse dosent requiere serious study at all when compared to icse and ssc borads and all what you need to do well is just a bit of brains and anyone who is habituated with this can easily pave his way thru(as told by my pals).and when the system is such where is the question of stress and trauma?all what the govt is doing is pampering cbse childs further MAN! when will they realise that hardwork has its own special rewards.they should inevitably make the students habituated to a bit of struggling and working hard.

  11. 11

    this is the most horrible thing Mr. Kapil sibbal has done. Reasons
    1. Corruption in schools even to the extent of offering money and all other kinds of favours from students and their parents
    2.Favoratism to the teachers wards and for those students who donot have caliber other than buttering
    3.what about the competitions in eng and medical
    4. whatwill be the basis for choosing subjects in 12th

  12. 12

    hi i am nri student of 9th learning in saudi arabia in iisj i think it would b much better if the boards would b canclled for 10th coz the student who r gonna cont thier studies in india have to apply for boards and in ssc.

  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15

    Yes, Grading system in 10th exam from 2010 onward is a good step as a students caliber can not be estimated on the basis of his marks. we all know that a student of 100% caliber may get less than 100% marks if he make only small mistake in exam. this does not certify that the student is not intelligent.thus grouping students in 91-100%,81-90% in same group make justice to all the students of above 90% caliber.also it reduces the exam time tension as well increase their ability to do some thing more inventive in the exams. also for industries, we are searching telents having 91-100% caliber at first place etc, not a student who scored 100% marks. As we know a student having 91-98% marks may be more intelligent or equily inteligent to a student of 100% marks or he may have his expertise in some other areas, which will be fruitful to any organisation.
    Thus at the last, step is grate and its results will be more fruitful.Now Mr Sibbal must take one more step like no reservation will be allowed in this grading system for any kind of people in future to make this effective forever and generate the good telent.

  16. 16

    thanks for chaging the board to optional for class 10th . students will be attached to the books through out the year .free of mind they can concentrate on the lessons instead of by haerting the answers .

  17. 17

    If i get 20 in internal.and if i get 16 in maths out of 80.the total is 36.whether 36 is a pass mark.if not, then what is the pass mark.whether i have to pass in both theory and internal.

  18. 18

    First word i wanna say that removal of CBSE exams has fucked our life. May be it is optional but our School NOTRE DAME, BADARPUR NTPC NEW DELHI-110044 IS not ALLOWING us to appear for board examinations. I appeal to CBSE please protest against our school, otherwise we all students get everybody in trouble. PLSSSS FLASH THESE WORDS ON NEWS CHANNELS.


  19. 19
  20. 20
  21. 21

    CCE has spoiled our future………..its more dangerous ‘n’ horrible than that of Boards….now if we got 100 and someone gets 91 then we will be given same grades……….itsss tooo sad….:( 🙁 🙁

  22. 22

    We know board is optional .our class want to give board exam. but our school is not allowing to give board exam . so what should we do.if we will give board exam , we can know the pattern of board , so that we can do preparation for 12th . plz reply

  23. 23
  24. 24

    It is not good that 10th board are being optional from 2011 as students will not study & it will also lead to a experience proble

  25. 25

    i am student of class 10th dav hazaribag and i want to to give board.but my school is saying if iwe student will give board we have to leave cbse and transfer to other board. i just want to know is it true.

  26. 26
  27. 27

    i am student of class 10th dav and i want to to give board.but my school is saying if iwe student will give board we have to leave cbse and transfer to other board. i just want to know is it true.

  28. 28

    i agree with the 1 that think that having no boards is too much horrible.instead the cce has created a much more burden .
    really sibbal has taken a very very very wrong decision n it will just spoil half of career of batch of 9th and 10th -specially of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011

  29. 29
  30. 30

    i have take the internal exam of the school of tenth class now i want to change my school because there is not science subject in my school pl help me how can i change my school? will I have to take the tenth board exam

  31. 31
  32. 32
  33. 33

    Since the board exam is now optional.Can you help me in choosing whether to take board exam or not.If I give board exam,I can change my board ie. from CBSE to ICSE or SSC.If I dont give board exam,I can contiue CBSE.Which one is a better option? Can you please help me.

  34. 34

    the new system of cce is not too bad nor good but the cce’s worst thing is the grading system as if a student gets 100 and a student getting 91 will also get the same grade.And sir please announce about the promotion of 10 to 11 because they say that no student of class 10th can be detained is that true plss reply sir.
    thank you

  35. 35

    Respected Friends and elders,
    Board exams are an oppurtunity for exposure of the conservative young minds to the highest levels of intellect.Most of us are generally captive of a four walled room where we learn and grow.Many times we can even guess the questions which can be asked by our teachers but board exams are adventurous and challeging.Thus Board Exams are not only a necessity but are actuaaly an oppurtunity for the students to judge themselves.
    Thank You……….

  36. 36

    It is not a good system as only those students hv better opportunities of getting books and other important notes are benefitted from this system.

  37. 37
  38. 38


  39. 39

    had cbse had removed board or their is any optional or sumthing… kapil sibal has destroyed our future…..i he really wants to remove burden form students life why does he made such a stupid rule that we cant change our board… yes, because my school is not allowing us for board exams.., this is totally unfair,…

  40. 40
  41. 41

    i m not satisfied by ur view ! because we r easily coping with our class 10 studies ! nowhow we can handle the class 11 studies? .. please do sumthing ! the students might bbe frustated by ur implemention of dus education system … please re think nd give us a bettr option for our brigter future !! we have 2 do sumthing in future …. please suggest sum better ideads for our livelihood in dis education system ….

  42. 42

    As an indiusual my vote is in 60-40 favour of board as well as for school as per schl,,obviously there z discrimination done wth students appearing for schl xms r frcd by der schl and r mkng full effrts to inflnce the students as wel as der parents!thus its absolutely not fair:!as it is said in many schools tht if a student opt for brd thn he/she have 2 leave the school nd cbse(no admissions under cbse in any shl will be given to them)CLEARLY TRANSFER TO ANY OTHER BOARD irrespective of cbse thn the queries evoke on students life and career mkng thm distracted frm many other imp things I ASK IS IT TRUE???….The parents evn r influenced as they r naturally being worried abt thier chlrns life!!the schl in not lttng its reputation down will mght gv them good scores or my b not 2 all(as it is mainly b seen)only 2 those having good imprtn can secure good marks..SEEDHA SEEDHA CORUPPTIOONNN!!This is the main rsn y stdnts belv in boards,other is tht they hv fobia regrdng scll xms nd also due 2 tough checking and evn in shl qstn ppr many ques come out of couse and whn askd to the staff the answr thy gt is nt accptble,thy wnt der studnts 2 b prprd for high level.whtevr it is my opinion regarding locals nd flng very disturbed as der is no unity in othr scns of our batch opting for boards
    then if v look at rsns y nt 2 opt 4r board as,, the xmnrs r mainly gov servants and r illiterate or nt tht much educated.nxt many problems occur in d sitting arrangments and other small things bt as we all knw sml thngs mks a big difference + nt gvn extra time unls d invltr is good.then the imprtnt ques comes is-r thy actly chckng all ans sheets properly????????
    the copies r in lakhs nd the xmnrs cmprtvly v less!!!OKKkk nw der r advntgs oso for stdnts stl wana opt for board der is no zero given it is alwz 1/2 or 1…the invgltr will nt b knwng them unless frm der own schl bt hopefully ?????itsnt gvn 2 d same shl tchrs!!!!!!!!
    the board students have the profit of getting marks instd of GRADESss:)
    its frankly a time waste of students tht ty r evkd in such type of dcns nearing to there xms nd r badly stressed as the new evalutions r in continuos!!Most probably the board marksheets r valued more alhtough the copetative aspects will completly been ommited bt for many students its gttng rid of there fobia!!!!!!!
    and ovsly fr d students opting for local tht thy r gvn advntage by CCE patern of nt lrnng sa1 course in finals(SA2):D
    At both the aspects corruption is involved!!
    new qustn is will der b boards in XII????
    it shlnt b optionl as nw if we will appear for boards it CLEARLY means tkng pangaaaa with schl:O

  43. 43

    many of us in our school including me : don’t like bookish knowledge , and we don’t get even bookish knowledge .we learn only for marks,but just think how good it would be if we have practical knowledge . now schools are also becoming a buisness . and teaching is a job , mugging up everything gives us nothing .no one sees our talents but marks

  44. 44

    we want practical knowledge not bookish knowledge .now a days people suscide when they fail in their boad exams. we dont want marks to judge our future.but our talents to judge . my brother is soo much intrested in becoming a doctor he used to score good marks in science but low marks in other subjects forced him to choose arts but we have no freedom to fight against this and no one will understand our situation

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